Kaash Paige Debuts Personal & Fun New Video, For Beautifully Amazing New Single, Girlfriend

Very talented singer and songwriter, Kaash Paige. Has by far one of the most beautifully melodic and amazing voices out right now. In not only R&B/Soul, but possibly all of music. As well as being one of the most rawly talented artists there is too. All of which is on full display on Paige’s beautifully amazing new single, Girlfriend. Which is why it should be no surprise. That the singer is also signed to the historic and iconic Def Jam label.

Along with releasing her new single, Girlfriend. Paige also just a short while ago through Vevo. Debuted the very personal and fun new accompanying video. For the beautifully melodic and amazing new record. Which sees Paige, in several different amazing looks. At a diner, home, poolside, in a limo and at a party with friends. As well as with a supposed, “girlfriend.” Singing about all the beautiful ups and downs. That go with having, Paige. As your girlfriend.