Reuben Vincent Debuts Triumphant New Video/Single, Butterfly Doors

Reuben Vincent delivers his very triumphant new single, Butterfly Doors. For which he also debuted through Vevo. Its accompanying Patrick Lincoln-directed video.

The triumphant new visual. Seeing Vincent riding around both by and in his car with the butterfly doors. Wide open. Along with both his producer and lady. As he spits his effortlessly triumphant and inspiring lyrics. Such as, “So I gotta keep my eyes focus on what’s head on me. If my dogs stay loyal to me they gon get some Pedigree. I need my pockets fat and also wifey thick as Heather V. Probably thick as Meagan be, or holy as the Heaven’s be.” That show what great and clever wordplay and bars. He has too. That is slowly making Vincent with how effortlessly great emceeing he is doing. Become one of my favorite new emcee’s.