Pusha T Delivers Dark & Eerie New Video, For, Call My Bluff

Pusha T, has been on a run. Unlike many others. With the amount of great material he has released in recent years. That most recently includes. His just this past weekend released latest solo album, It’s Almost Dry.

Nearly a week after he released the album. Pusha returns today with the debut earlier. Of his dark and eerie new Omar Jones and Onda co-directed video. For one of the album’s most standout tracks and arguably the best track on the album, Call My Bluff.

The mafioso type clip. Centering around King Push enjoying a lavish meal with several guests. While some killings by some hitmen he ordered. Go on in the woods. As well as Push riding around in the back of a car. Spitting his menacingly eerie raps. Before making a phone call in a phone booth and ordering those same hitmen. To dump the bodies in a river. The very dark and eerie visual. Playing like a mini-movie. That really brings the VA emcee’s eerily dark raps. On the track. Even more to life.