EARTHGANG Debuts Cinematic & Powerful New Video, POWER feat. Cee-Lo Green & Nick Cannon

EARTHANG, really doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Dropping their fifth video earlier today within a five weeks time period. From their mostly critically-acclaimed latest album, GHETTO GODS.

As just a few short hours ago. The Dreamville duo of Olu and WowGr8, debuted their newest Mac Grant and Chad Tennies with Fred Foster-directed video. For yet another standout track from the album. The Cee-Lo Green & Nick Cannon featured, POWER. That picks up right where last week’s latest video, AMEN, did. As it once again sees the duo standing a top of a white stair platform with clouds behind them backdrop. As well as a choir underneath them. While they rap and sing their powerful verses. Of the good and bad things power in entertainment or any field. Can do to corrupt you.

The way the rest of the video unfolds to show that abuse of power by others in higher positions. To try to destroy the vision of the actual artists and how it ties in with the other videos. For the twist-turning ending to the album visual series. Is pure genius and I love the powerful message it all brings too.