Nas Debuts Timeless New Black-and-White Video, For Hit-Boy-Produced, Ugly

Coming off his career-spanning first ever solo GRAMMYs performance. From just a few weeks ago. Hip-Hop and rap icon, as well as one of the greatest emcee’s of all-time, Nas. Returns today to his surprise EP, Magic. That he dropped with Hit-Boy back in December of last year. By dropping a new video for, Ugly.

The timeless new black-and-white video. Comes nearly a month after Nas and Hit-Boy dropped a video for, Wave Gods. The new visual for, Ugly. Which is not only arguably the best track on the project, but one of the best of Nas already illustrious and historic career. That finds him and Hit-Boy, both with a fine woman by their side. Riding in the back of a limo around Nas hometown of New York. As he spits his very timeless and classic verses to the track.

While timeless ugly, yet beautiful images of the Statue of Liberty, and other various places in N.Y. Such as a church, the New York subway, and people being shot at. Are among images portrayed throughout. With ugly, yet beautiful images of thunderous clouds in the sky. As well as someone being shot and then the life line patient smart monitor display. Going off. Among some of the most vivid images in the visual. That really bring Nas’ timeless and beautiful, yet ugly in reality lyrics. Even more to life.