Nana Is Out To Be A, Legend, On New Single feat. Garren, Announces New EP, From The District To The World

A little over a month after dropping his very heavenly soulful latest single, Heaven’s Sky. Emerging Crenshaw-based emcee, Nana. Is back with his newest single, Legend. That marks his third single in a three month time period. Dropping a single every month, but January of this new year so far.

Nana, looks to not only build on an already solid 2022 with his new single, Legend. But with his also just announced EP, From the District to the World. That is scheduled to drop at the end of the month and exactly three weeks from today. On, April 26th.

Legend, yet another amazing track from, Nana. That is one of his most dynamic and distinctive records yet. Which finds him over the glistening and soulful horns, as well as snares production of, LordQuest. Rapping with his timeless and impeccable flow. In such poise about the Los Angeles Crenshaw neighborhood that raised him. As he gives a vivid portrait of how what he went through. Gave him the skills to rap and leave a lasting legacy.

Which, Nana, hopes will have him one day regarded as a legend in Hip-Hop. Fellow Los Angeles native, Garren, adding the perfect soulfully amazing almost full-body choir like chorus. To bring the record to an even higher level. Building even more anticipation for the project too.