KXNG CROOKED & Joell Ortiz Drop, Super Gremlin Freestyle

Though Slaughterhouse as a group most likely will never see the light of day ever again. One former half of the group, KXNG CROOKED and Joell Ortiz. Have continued to gel really well together as a duo.

As not even a full month after releasing their highly-anticipated collaboration album, Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse. Followed by a deluxe edition of the album with two new songs. Just days after that. The duo of spitters has returned today with a brand new freestyle over Kodak Black’s very popular, Super Gremlin, instrumental.

As Crook and Joell show the new generation of rapper’s how to properly rap and emcee. With bars like, “Y’all dealing with two superstars, stupid bars. Who’s in charge? If you involved in rap. Than you at odds with this new group, is, H.A.R.D. Remove the Gods from Mt. Rushmore. Rush and make room for our mugshots.” As well as, “N***as tried to throw a shot at me. They crazy. N***ga threw a shot so weak. That s*%t didn’t even taze me. Damn, s*#t didn’t faze me. Damn, at least you could have grazed me. Every time you talk s#%t about me. You insult the n***as that raised me.”

Both emcee’s show once again. With their stellar rhymes and wordplay. Why they are two of the best lyricists and emcee’s alive.