Twista Debuts New Video/Single, Prayer

Twista is back at it and coming as hard as ever. On his just released new single, Prayer. That is produced by longtime collaborator and fellow Chicago GRAMMY-nominated legend, Toxic. With Chicago’s T.L. Williams also having part in production of the hard-hitting new track. That also has what appears to be church choir like chants.

The Chicago Hip-Hop legend and pioneer. Also debuting earlier today alongside the single, its accompanying Ren-directed video. That originally premiered this morning at 11:37 am on BET Jams and opens with Twista in what appears to be an abandoned building. By a prayer rug. Kneeling down to pray. Some more people are seen with Twista throughout the visual. Forming mosh pits at times. As well as praying by him. As with his signature rapid fire flow. He spits his hard hitting and rapid fire rhymes about everyone wanting the original version of Twista.

The abandoned building with some people praying throughout the visual. As well as the hard-hitting snares and crisp piano-laced backdrop of the production. Perfect for those double entendre rhymes Twista has about everyone needing to pray for survival from his rhymes. Like somebody’s murder from his very skillful and masterful rhymes.