KXNG CROOKED & Joell Ortiz Debut New Video, Sorry

Earlier this month. Veteran emcee’s KXNG CROOKED and Joell Ortiz, put out the release as promised. Of their highly-anticipated collaboration album, Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse.

Today the duo and one half of Slaughterhouse, return with the debut just a few short hours ago. Of their new Eric “Ptah” Herbert-directed video, Sorry. The closing track and of the most standout tracks from the album.

The new visual for the track features footage of Crook and Ortiz at an album signing for the fans at Looney Tunes Record Store in West Babylon, New York for the album. As well as both emcee’s riding to the signing. Rapping their heartfelt bars about how everything came to a close with the group.

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