Mary J. Blige Drops, Good Morning Gorgeous Remix feat. H.E.R.

Mary J. Blige is back and has brought GRAMMY and Oscar Award-winning singer and songwriter. As well as multi-instrumentalists, H.E.R. Alongside her for the new remix to her beautifully empowering ballad, Good Morning Gorgeous. That she previously released as the lead single and title track last December. For her just last month highly-anticipated and mostly critically-acclaimed 15th solo album, Good Morning Gorgeous.

It is only right that MJB recruits H.E.R. for the remix of the D’ Mile-produced record too. Since H.E.R. Was one of the co-writer’s and also co-produced the original version of the song. H.E.R. adding her own empowering singing and background vocals to this new remixed version of the very infectious record. To go along with her guitar playing she also already had on the song.