OGI Releases Soulfully Triumphant New No I.D.-Produced Single, Envy

Soulfully captivating and uniquely great upcoming rising soul singer and songwriter, OGI. Who we first highlighted last month as our first feature this year. For our always very popular New Artist Spotlight feature. With her very soulfully captivating upbeat and unique debut single, I Got It.

Is out to prove she is no one and done artist. As today nearly a month and a half after releasing that No I.D.-produced single. OGI is back with another new single from the legendary GRAMMY Award-winning producer. In the very soulfully triumphant, Envy. That sees the singer with her very soulfully captivating and unique vocals. Singing about how people are envy of the success she has achieved so far. So she’s pettily penning a love letter to all her haters in her life. To let them know that it’s not her fault. That are envy and want what she has.

OGI explaining it somewhat in a statement she put out about the new single. Saying, “I think of ‘Envy’ to be like a personal love letter to haters in my life. I’m basically telling them that it’s not my fault that you want what I have, don’t be mad at me. I was channeling the same energy Nicki Minaj had when she said, ‘It’s me, I win, you lose!’ on ‘Itty Bitty Piggy.’ I can be a little petty at times and this song gives a little glimpse of that side of me.

The soulfully triumphant new record is definitely one of those ones. That along with, I Got It, shows as we already said before. OGI, truly is an artist to watch here in 2022. Also if the two records weren’t enough. Her going on tour as one of the special guest opener’s for another No I.D. protege, Snoh Aalegra. For Aalegra’s recently launched headlining, Ugh, These Temporary Highs Tour. Is definitely another step in the right direction.