Joyce Wrice & KAYTRANADA Drop Groovy & Infectious Summer-Ready New Single, Iced Tea

Joyce Wrice, the rising great singer and songwriter. Who hails from sunny California and is known for her mostly feel-good Summer jams. That have a lot of that soulfully smooth feel-good nostalgic sound of the 90’s and early 2000’s R&B. Dropped her mostly critically-acclaimed and highly-anticipated debut album, Overgrown. Nearly a year ago.

With only days till the first official day of Spring and Summer. Not that far behind it. Wrice decided today to release her newest single, Iced Tea. Another collaboration with longtime collaborator, KAYTRANADA. That is yet another groovy and infectious Summer-Ready R&B jam. We have become quite used to from the very talented Los Angeles native.

Wrice herself having the following to say about the very amazing new single in a press release. “It’s been exactly a year since the release of my debut album Overgrown and I couldn’t be more excited to share with the world another collaboration with KAYTRANADA! “‘Iced Tea’ is a fun dance record where I’m stepping into my divine feminine with the hopes to empower women to be free and stand their ground.”

This is the first new music of the year from Wrice too and I am sure. Will be getting plenty of spins/replays from not only us. But several others in the coming months as well.