Jae Skeese Releases New Video/Single, Against The Grain feat. Conway The Machine & Flee Lord

Rising great emcee, Jae Skeese. Who recently killed the L.A. Leakers freestyle series alongside his Drumwork boss, Conway the Machine. As well as showed out on the appropriately titled track, Drumwork. Off Conway’s recently released Shady Records major label debut, God Don’t Make Mistakes. Continues to show he is no slouch and one of the sure to be next great emcee’s. On his newest single, Against The Grain. That is off his upcoming EP, Iroquois Pliskin. That is currently set to be released this Spring.

Against The Grain features both Conway and another great upstate New York rapper, Flee Lord. Premiering yesterday on Complex with the accompanying Luqman-directed video. It finds all three hitting the road. As well as in an art building. As they rhyme about their respective missions in the rap game. Skeese opening with stories of his past and telling how trust is one of his most valuable assets. Before Flee Lord follows with rhyme’s of how he’s hustled to the top and then Conway closes things out. By dropping several gems about how far he has come from when he first started and could barely afford cable. Compared to being able to afford so much more now.