KXNG CROOKED & Joell Ortiz Release Very Personally Bittersweet & Moving New Video/Single, Backstage

After already releasing lead single, Vacancy and its accompanying video. Last Thursday. As well as announcing their upcoming highly-anticipated collaboration album, Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse. That is set to be released a week from today on, March 11th.

Veteran emcee’s, KXNG CROOKED and Joell Ortiz. Have come together again. As yesterday they released the album’s newest single and video, Backstage. That is another very personally moving and bittersweet track from both emcee’s. Which shows them once again reflecting on their former group, Slaughterhouse, early days. To where everything is now.

The accompanying Eric “Ptah” Herbert-directed video featuring archival footage of backstage moments. From the dismantled group together. As well as Joell with his headphones on and Crook in a pool room at his hotel suite. Both spitting their very personal and real lyrics. That helps bring the very personal and moving track to life even more.

How moving and personally bittersweet the visual is. Likely to even move you to shedding at least a tear or few to your eyes. Especially if you are or were ever a true fan of Slaughterhouse and seeing what the group used to be. To what it is now. Really realizing that the group really is no more and how bittersweet it is. Despite that.