Conway The Machine Debuts Personally Cinematic New Video, Stressed feat. Wallo267

By far one of the most personal tracks. As well as one of the most standout tracks on Conway the Machine’s just released major label debut on Shady Records, God Don’t Make Mistakes. Is the Wallo267 featured, Stressed.

So nearly a week after the album’s release. It is only right that less than a few short hours ago. Conway debuted through Vevo. The very personal and cinematic new Langston Sessoms-directed video for the record. That starts and closes with footage of the Griselda emcee in the hospital bed. After he suffered the gun shot in the head. That led to his Bells Palsy diagnosis. He has had ever since. Which he raps about dealing with on a good portion of the track. The visual also showing Conway sitting on the couch. Pouring out his heart to a therapist about his cousin’s suicide, childhood abuse, the loss of his infant son, drug and alcohol addiction. As well as all the other traumas he has gone through. During his lifetime. That have led to so much stress for him.

The portion of the video that shows Conway drinking. As well as a picture of his infant son he lost and another picture. That shows him with Jay-Z at the Roc Nation Brunch. Showing how stress has contributed so much good and bad to Conway’s life. But how he has overcome so much of it. To still achieve what he has. That makes for one of the realest songs you will ever hear. With the personalization of the visual. Really helping bring those lyrics on the record even more to life.