KXNG CROOKED & Joell Ortiz Drop New Video/Single, Vacancy feat. Blakk Soul

KXNG CROOKED and Joell Ortiz, are back and putting an end to a chapter of their career’s. Both emcee’s and most true Hip-Hop heads wish would have never ended. With the ending of their former super group, Slaughterhouse.

Many throughout the last almost decade. Thought that despite all four emcee’s not appearing on a track together. For nearly that same amount of time. As well as Joe Budden eventually saying he was done rapping. To be more fully committed to podcasting. That there was still a slight small bit of hope. That, Slaughterhouse, would eventually reunite. Whether it be with just three of the four members or all four members.

Today, that small bit of hope for a reunion. Is virtually shattered for good though. With former group mates, Crook and Ortiz. Releasing their scorching hot brand new single, Vacancy. A very personal and reflective record featuring Blakk Soul. About the rise and eventual downfall of one of the greatest Hip-Hop groups ever. That finds both Crook and Ortiz, getting very personal. As they rap about their time with Slaughterhouse and everything that has happened since. Letting the fans know. They appreciate them for sticking with them through everything. But also that. They are no longer going to give them false hope. For a Slaughterhouse reunion.

Truly marking the end of an era. Crook and Ortiz, also let it be known. That wouldn’t stop them from lyrically bringing everything they got. As two of the top emcee’s or lyricists, now or ever. While also letting fan’s and everyone else know. That as two halves of the group. You can count on them to always still bring it and occupy that vacancy. Left by, Joe and Royce in the group. As they also portray in the accompanying Eric “Ptah” Herbert-directed video.

This also being shown. By both Crook and Ortiz, being set to release. In the coming weeks. On, March 11th. A second collaboration project together within two years. That is appropriately titled, Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse.