Kehlani Premieres New Black-and-White Video, For Beautifully Soulful & Magically Ethreal New Single, little story

Whenever the world is in need of something so peaceful, soulful and beautifully magical. That is of such an angelic and ethereal divine growth. As well as healing we can all use. You know that, Kehlani, is almost always on time with those types of records. Which is exactly what she brings. On her beautifully soulful and magically ethereal new single, little story.

One of the most beautiful and bone chillingly great songs or records. You may ever hear. Kehlani’s beautifully angelic and purely ethereal vocals. To go with her beautifully transcending songwriting, lush harmonious melodies and truly relatable raw pure lyrics. Over the very beautiful symphonies and lush orchestration. Of the co-production/instrumentation from Pop Wansel, Some Randoms and Wesley Singerman. Showing how much this, little story, about her daughter, Adeya and moving on from love. Has helped Kehlani truly grow. Not only as an artist, and mother. But just overall great and purely divine person. Of both, faith and self-healing. We should all try to attain to be.

The just as beautifully pure and artistically great black-and-white accompanying video. Which she premiered alongside the record. A little over a couple of hours ago and sees Kehlani on an artsy set. Reading a torched book, then hanging upside down from monkey bars. As well as laying down by the end of some stairs and finally in a grassy field. Where she is joined by violinists and her daughter, Adeya. Really truly bringing the sobering, yet beautiful ballad. Even more to life. That it will likely either move you to tears of happiness and/or make you. Smile from ear to ear. Seeing how much that Kehlani, has grown both artistically and personally over these past several years.