Conway The Machine & Jae Skeese Unleash Straight Bars On New L.A. Leakers Freestyle

With his highly-anticipated and long-awaited major label debut with Shady Records, God Don’t Make Mistakes. Finally dropping this Friday, Feb. 25th. Conway the Machine has currently been making his promo rounds for the album. So you know he had to hit up the world-renowned L.A. Leakers Liftoff show on Power 106 LA. To once again give bars for the very popular freestyle series from famed duo of DJ’s and producers, Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk. That the Griselda member is definitely no stranger too. First appearing with fellow Griselda member, Benny the Butcher and fellow Buffalo emcee, Rick Hyde. Back in 2019.

Conway didn’t come empty handed this time either. Bringing his Drumwork artist, Jae Skeese with him. As they both go on to unleash nothing but straight bars of fire. For their new freestyle over Pusha T’s current brewing hot new single, Diet Coke. The Machine. Giving off such quotable’s as, “My success killing these n***as slowly. Going to fvck around and turn me back to the old me. It is lonely at the top n***a and I am the top n***a. Headline. I am the top biller.” Also adding, “We seat ringside at fights, but we don’t box. N***a.” While Skeese added such quotable’s as, “Look the big broady’s put Buffalo on the Atlas. The next wave will give them a double dose of madness. We heard your album bro. That is a double dose of average. Like Beethoven and Bach. What I am composing is classic.” That showed he is no slouch and definitely somebody to really be looking out for in the future as well.