Victoria Monét Debuts Beautifully Touching New Video/Single, Nothing Feels Better, Dedicated To Daughter On Her First Birthday

Very talented singer and songwriter, Victoria Monét. Hasn’t put out much new music since her first born child, Hazel, was born exactly a year ago. With her last new music being her very upbeat and groovy playful Stereotypes-produced single, Coastin’. That she put out last August.

Today, Monét, returns though with her very beautiful touching and heartwarming new single, Nothing Feels Better. A truly beautifully touching and heartwarming song from Victoria. That is an immediately timeless and classic record. That is right from the heart and you can really hear with the beautiful harmonies, vocals and writing. The love and admiration that she has for her daughter. That I imagine virtually every parent has for their children and can relate to.

A truly beautiful tribute by Victoria to Hazel on her first birthday. That has to be a real treat to have a such a talented parent with such an angelic voice, beauty, writing and talent. You can go back on years later to always appreciate. The moments that Ms. Monet shows throughout the video of her with Hazel and John. Throughout Hazel’s first year. So beautifully heartwarming and lovely too. It will truly melt your heart.