Introducing AGNEZ MO, With Beautifully Heartfelt New Video/Single, Patience

Some of you may have heard the name, AGNEZ MO, before. The global Indonesian revered artist, actress, fashion icon and successful business woman. Who is the most awarded artist in Asian history with over 350 total awards. That includes 8 Panasonic Awards, 5 Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids’ Choice Awards and 4 MTV Indonesia Awards.

While looking to build her following even more. Within the U.S. Hip-Hop and R&B community. AGNEZ was recently put on our radar. With her very beautifully heartfelt new single, Patience. As with her beautiful heartfelt vocals. That are somewhat reminiscent of the legendary and iconic, Toni Braxton. AGNEZ sings so beautifully about a love she is trying to have, patience for and with Valentine’s Day on Monday. Just a few days away. Is the perfect time for AGNEZ, to release such a beautifully heartfelt song. That from the very magical opening twinkles of beautiful piano notes being played. On the beautiful production that builds up thumping drums. Before AGNEZ so beautifully sings the opening lyrics of, “Patience. Dealing with my heart. Just left some patience.” That pulls you in like those strings and will truly capture your heart.

AGNEZ also premiering today. A just as beautiful accompanying video for the record. That will definitely make you a fan of, AGNEZ, if you were not already. As well as I am sure make you look forward to her upcoming currently untitled new album. Due out later this year.