Sevyn Streeter Delivers Most Authentic & Emotionally Honest Work To Date, On Latest Solo Album, Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz

Very talented singer and songwriter, Sevyn Streeter. Has had many stumbles before finally putting out her long-awaited and highly-anticipated sophomore album, Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz. Back in September and it was definitely well worth the wait. As the 15-track effort is by far Streeter’s most authentic and emotionally honest work to date. That has her also navigating the ups and downs of falling in and out of love. That she experienced in the four years since putting out her classic debut album, Girl Disrupted. Which included going through a breakup.

Kicking off with the very piano-laden, End Up. The very honest record is the perfect record to kick off the album. Before so perfectly seguing into the very emotionally raw and honest Bizness Boi-produced, Fall Back featuring, Dominic Scott. Where Streeter sings so rawly and honestly about the early stages of trying to find love and how much harder it is trying to find love in not only this crazy world. But also the crazy and hectic music industry she is in too. With Scott providing the perfect male perspective on the record. That then perfectly seguing into the very amazing previously released Chizzy-produced single, Guilty. Which features longtime collaborator, Chris Brown and A$AP Ferg. The Brody Brown-produced, Tell It and Jimmie Gutch-produced, Feel a Way, perfectly placed in between also previously released T. Street and Charlie Heat co-produced single, Nasty Girl. That features, BIA. With, Feel a Way, and its very upbeat house music sounding vibes. As Streeter sings about the beginning stages of falling in love and just having fun. As you fall in love, a definite highlight of the album. That will get plenty of play.

By the time we get to the midway point of the album. The album gets even better. Starting with the Jeremih featured ballad, Wet Dreamz. Before perfectly seguing into the Kevin Cossom and July Da Producer co-produced, In Common. A very magical and sexy, as well as honest record about what happens when you hit someone up. Trying to do more than just have a conversation or date. While, Change My Mind. Is yet another very sexy and sensual record from, Sevyn. That’s one of those very sweaty, and provocatively vulnerable self-explanatory records. Most women can relate to. That perfectly seguing into the very magical D’Mile-produced, Taboo. Arguably the best record on the whole album. Taboo, is one of those very truly magical records. That really lets Streeter truly show off her amazing voice and songwriting so perfectly over the perfectly placed Alexander O’Neal sample. The very next record. Another one that really lets Streeter not only show her great songwriting, but melodies as well. Over the very crazy Smash David-produced, Run To.

As we reach the final three records. With Feelz, Forever and Liquid Courage. That maybe among the best final closing sequences you will ever hear on most any album. Starting with the very soulful and playful drums and bird sounds on the Kevin Cossum and Eric Hudson co-produced, Feelz. A very phenomenal collaboration with fellow great singer and songwriter, Lucky Daye. As they both sing so honestly and rawly about significant others. Being so open and honest with one another. As you can be. That then perfectly transitioning into the Kuya and Gray Hawken-produced, Forever. Which features singer, Lavi$h and is one of those very big and bold records that’s like a movie. One of those big soundtrack type records. Where Sevyn’s vocals are so passionately put on display. As she sings about a love she wants to last forever. Before closing out with the KP DID IT-produced, Liquid Courage. That is one of those very slow-burning kiss-off records to a former partner or lover. Who didn’t fully appreciate or value what they had in them. It is a very honest record that is quite appropriate to close out such an honest album.

A very soulfully smooth and cohesively great project. With a great theme and a lot of solid production to go with just as great singing and songwriting. Plus great melodies as well. Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz, is definitely not only one of the best R&B/Soul albums of 2021, but one of the best albums released this year. So don’t be all that surprised to see, Sevyn Streeter, land on several year-end lists for top albums. But some of the records even land as some of the top songs of the year too.