Sinéad Harnett Drops Emotional New Single, Where You Been Hiding

Sinéad Harnett dropped one of the better album’s in all of music this year. With her mostly critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Ready Is Always Too Late.

Looking to give her fans and supporters a gift for all the love they have showed her on the album. Harnett, releases a brand new single as an early Christmas gift. With the very emotionally M-Phazes produced, Where You Been Hiding. A very piano-laden record. That finds, Harnett, singing so emotionally about the struggle she has had trying to find love. Feeling how love has been hiding from her. It sums up, Harnett’s love life, in audio form. Only the way she knows how. That most can relate to.

The new single is also the first to be released. From a soon to be released deluxe edition of, Ready Is Always Too Late. That will likely be released sometime at the beginning of next year.