Nicole Bus Warns Of Young Love, On Soulfully Nostalgic New Single, Young

Very talented singer and songwriter, Nicole Bus. Who has one of the more powerful and big shot voices in all of R&B/Soul right now. Continues to show why she’s also one of the most talented artists not only in R&B/Soul, but all of music right now.

With the release of her very soulfully nostalgic new Needlz-produced single, Young. That has a very brilliantly soulful flip of Slick Rick’s classic, Hey Young World. Which sees her singing and warning young girls. That they don’t need to rush into love so young.

The very soulfully nostalgic record. Which is also the latest in Bus’ new series of unreleased songs. She will be exclusively releasing on Soundcloud every Friday. Really showing off Bus’ amazing voice and songwriting so brilliantly too.