Kara Marni’s New EP, State of Mine, Solidifies Her Place Among Soulfully Great Upcoming R&B Singer/Songwriter’s

London based upcoming R&B/Soul artist, Kara Marni. Solidifies herself among the current upcoming great singer and songwriter’s in her genre with her very soulfully amazing newest EP, State of Mine.

Kicking the project off with her very electric and infectious Amerie-sampled track, Trippin. Marni shows her ear and talent for writing beautifully infectious melodies. That show off her beautifully soulful amazing voice and will have you singing right along the very catchy lyrics. That perfectly segues into the very infectious and heartfelt jam, Young Heart featuring rapper, Russ. Where Marni and Russ sing and rap almost in conversation. About the conflict a lot of people go through during the heartbreak of a relationship.

Overall, State of Mine, as a project. Is one where there’s themes of love, loneliness, self-reflection and self-empowerment throughout. That can be heard on records like the very soulful thumping WAVSDNTDIE-produced, Sick of Me. Where, Marni, really shows off her soulfully amazing voice. As she sings about being sick of herself and all the lonely times on her own. That perfectly segueing into the Keith Askey & Rush Hr.-produced, Close. One of those instantly classic records. Where over the very soulful drums backdrop, Marni, sings about a love she struggled with letting get too close.

Getting past the midway point of the EP. Marni, sings about self-empowerment. On the very sensually, fearless and feel-good The Invisible Men-produced single, 2nd Nature. That’s a record about being intertwined with a partner, and wanting to live in their world, even to the point it becomes second nature. That you even want to be in their skin too. 2nd Nature, then perfectly segues into the very soulfully upbeat guitar-driven and drums heavy Mike Blackburn and The Invisible Men co-produced, Motive. Where, Marni, so soulfully pours all her heart out. As she sings about her struggles with love. That so many of us can relate to.

The EP, closes out with, Marni’s struggles with love still being on full display. With the very soulfully guitar-driven standout, Over You. By far the best record on the whole project. That so beautifully shows off Marni and her guest feature, Toni Romiti, very beautifully amazing vocals. As well as the very great chemistry both great singer and songwriter’s have with one another. As over the very infectious guitar-driven and snap infused production. They both passionately sing about a love they aren’t over. Marni and Romiti, vocals so seamlessly blending like butter with one another from each verse of their’s into the very truly soulful and amazing final chorus. That’s the perfect way to close out such an amazing project. While showing off Marni’s truly soulful amazing vocals, songwriting and talent. That truly let’s people know that she really is one of the most talented upcoming R&B/Soul singer and songwriter’s. Who should be on everyone’s radar now, if she wasn’t before.