Chlöe Debuts Dazzling & Playfully Fun New Video/Single, Have Mercy

Chlöe, one half of Parkwood Entertainment signed duo, Chloe x Halle. Is stepping out on her own in a major way with her debut single, Have Mercy. A very playfully fun and flirty Murda Beatz-produced record. In which, Chlöe, both rapping and singing. As well as with her great harmonies and ad-libs. Bosses up and flosses, while boasting about her physical and inner attributes. For the booty-bouncing jam.

The oldest sister of the Grammy Award-nominated duo. Also premiering through Vevo, just a little over an hour ago. The just as dazzling and playfully fun Karena Evans-directed accompanying video for the record. That has Chlöe in a lavish mansion. Serving several different amazing looks, vocals, and choreography. While also strutting her sexy booty-bouncing moves with her friends. In the modern day Medusa-inspired visual. That will give you goosebumps from how much it shows not only her truly amazing talent and creativity. But that, Chlöe, could step out on her own solo and be just as successful as she has been in her group with her sister. And have you saying, “Lawd, have mercy!”