Jorja Smith Takes Her, Time, In Beautifully Sweet & Amazing New Video

A little over three weeks after beautifully talented U.K. singer and songwriter, Jorja Smith. Released her latest single and video, All of This. Smith returns today with her new self-directed video, Time. That was premiered earlier today through Vevo.

Already the fifth video from Smith’s very beautifully soulful and amazing recent EP, Be Right Back. That she dropped back in May and coincides with the release today of the vinyl of the project. The beautiful new visual for what’s not only arguably the best record on the EP, but one of the most beautifully soulful and sweetest songs you will probably ever hear. Finds Smith taking her time, as she partakes and shows off her effortlessly angelic beauty during a photoshoot. While also singing with her just as angelic vocals. The very beautifully sweet lyrics about the importance of patience during a relationship.

Overall yet another very beautifully amazing video from Smith. That truly brings this record even more to life. While also once again that when it comes to some of the most authentic and pure artists in all of music right now. From their music to the actual visuals and aesthetics. That almost always put the ART in artists. There aren’t too many, if even any who put all their heart and soul of everything into the art. The way that Jorja does. Which is why she’s among so many of ours favorite artists at not only the current moment, but for the past several years.