Wordsmith Sits Atop His Throne, For Explosive New Video, Bitter, Announces New Album, Bittersweet

It has been a little over four years since Baltimore-based emcee, Wordsmith. Released his latest full-length solo album, Perspective Jukebox. But, Wordsmith, recently released his very hard-hitting and intellectually brilliant latest single, Bitter.

Returning today. Wordsmith, debuts through Vevo. The new Tahir Juba-directed accompanying video for the track. Which sees him sitting on his chair. That represents two things. In making those mad about it bitter and envious over his success. While those with pure hearts celebrate your achievements.

Bitter, also stands as the opening track. To Wordsmith’s, sure to be anticipated next solo album, Bittersweet. Which he recently announced and will be dropping on, Sept. 17th.