Rick Hyde Drops Gritty Raw New Single, Alone feat. Benny The Butcher & G Herbo

A couple of weeks removed from his last single he released, Hustler’s Prayer. Black Soprano Family member, Rick Hyde, is back today with his newest single, Alone. From his upcoming BSF debut, Plates 2. That will be dropping a couple of weeks from today. On, Aug. 20th.

Just like, Hustler’s Prayer. Alone, also features Benny the Butcher. But Hyde’s head honcho and BSF leader isn’t the only one featured on the gritty raw new track. As Chicago emcee, G Herbo, is also featured too on the piano-driven new record. That with such standout lines as, “Notorious, when you talk and runnin’ traps and enjoyin’ it. Shit, I graduated valedictorian. They want me buried and broke. But since fourteen, I been married to dope. What we deserve, heaven and hell? Apparently both.” Showing once again why Benny is one of the illest out right now.