Elijah Blake Debuts Beautifully Dreamy & Colorful New Video, Dreams feat. Trinidad James

A couple of weeks ago Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Elijah Blake. Delivered his beautifully dreamy new single. Appropriately titled, Dreams. That finds Blake really showing off his beautifully heavenly dreamy vocals. As he sings about his dreams about his dream girl. With rapper, Trinidad James, adding the perfect guest verse. Describing his own dream girl.

Today Blake returns to said track with the debut earlier today through Vevo. Of the Sean Alexander-directed accompanying video. A just as beautifully dreamy and colorful visual. That sees Blake with a convertible and several beautiful eye-candies. Belting out his beautifully dreamy and signature falsettos. While James also joins later on in the visual to spit his stoned-out guest verse. With a very beautiful woman sitting right next to and hugging up on him as he does so. A very beautifully dreamy and colorful visual. That brings such an already beautifully dreamy record even more to life too.