BJ The Chicago Kid Starts New, BJ Wednesdays, With Soulful New Single, Fancy

Aside from his song, The Chi. That was recently featured on Showtime’s hit original series, The Chi. R&B/Soul crooner, BJ the Chicago Kid, has been for the most part relatively quite as far as releasing new music. With it being over a year since releasing his very soulful motivational anthem, The People. While yesterday BJ announced that to make up for the long hiatus he will be starting a new weekly series (tomorrow) now today. Titled, BJ Wednesdays.

The new series which started today with the release of the very soulful, Fancy. Will see BJ dropping new music every Wednesday for at least the next month. Today’s very soulful record. That’s also his take on The Dream’s classic record. Finding the singer over the very soulful keys and multi-instrumental backdrop. Soulfully crooning about the fancy women and all of the fancy things. From designer clothes to cars he has had to deal with from them. So they can be, live and feel “Fancy.”