RZA & DJ Scratch Release New Single, Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater, Pt. 1

Back a couple of weeks ago, RZA premiered exclusively through his 36 Cinema, Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater, presentation for that week. Which was, Five Deadly Venoms. His newest Bobby Digital single. Appropriately titled, Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater.

The new single that’s produced by fellow legendary New York Hip-Hop staple, DJ Scratch wasn’t released to all DSP till yesterday though and follows his previously released single, Pugilism. Finds RZA as Bobby Digital bringing his razar-sharp rhymes and flow for the lead single from his upcoming newest solo album, RZA vs Bobby Digital. Which is all produced by DJ Scratch and has a tentative release date of, Aug. 6th.

There’s no word on if, Pugilism will also be apart of, RZA vs Bobby Digital or a separate album. As it was said in a press release when it was released. To be a part of a new RZA album as Bobby Digital entitled, Bobby Digital: Digital Potions. So it could just be the same album, but the title was changed. When we find out more we will let you know.