iNTeLL Debuts New Video/Single, Know The Gospel feat. R.A. The Rugged Man, Releases New Album, Computers For The Hood

iNTeLL, son of famed Wu-Tang Clan member, U-God. Has really started to branch out and make more of a name for himself these past few years. Thanks in large part to him teaming with the sons of fellow Wu members, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and the late great Ol’Dirty Bastard; PXWER, Sun God, and Young Dirty Bastard. To form 2nd Generation WU.

With iNTeLL taking a large part in the forming of the group/collective. It has also helped him step up his game as a solo artist as well. Today releasing his newest solo album, Computers for the Hood. An album he says, “Is the first project I’ve ever put this much energy, love, time skill and money into. People may think i get everything handed to me from my legendary fam but nah, I’m blessed but Gods puts the Blessed to the test.”

To celebrate and go in conjunction with the release of the new album. iNTeLL also debuted today the self-directed video for the, R.A. the Rugged Man featured, Know the Gospel. That sees both emcees in a room full of books performing and giving knowledgeably ill hard-hitting rhymes. Over the hard-hitting DLP-produced track. That has a really soulfully ill sample on the production as well. DLP producing all 11 tracks on the album too. That has a vast array of features you can see below.