Jorja Smith Debuts Exclusive Vevo Live Performance of New EP, Be Right Back

Very beautifully and talented award-winning, as well as acclaimed singer and songwriter, Jorja Smith. Has been on a real roll lately and her very amazing newest project, Be Right Back. That she released nearly a week and a half ago. Just the latest example of why Smith is such a fan favorite of so many. As well as one of the most authentic and pure artists in all of music right now.

From their music to the actual visuals, live performances and aesthetics. There aren’t too many, if even any. Who truly put the ART in artist or all their heart and pure emotion of everything into the art. The way that Jorja does.

Something you can see in the very talented singer’s just released exclusive official live Vevo performances. That Smith just teamed up with Vevo to release today. Which sees her giving very beautifully amazing performances with her backing band of all eight records from her very amazing latest EP, Be Right Back.

With all eight very special performances according to a press release, “Shot in Vevo’s London studio over one day. Built by Croga Studios, the expansive space allows for Vevo’s intricate, bespoke sets to be carefully assembled to match each artist’s creative vision. Jorja’s set in particular being centered around a stylized set of stairs and fluid camera movements to symbolize growth and ascension.”