Jorja Smith Debuts Authentically Pleasing & Beautifully Stunning New Video, Gone

A little over a week ago, Jorja Smith, dropped what’s not only arguably among the best records in her already great discography. But also arguably among the best records released this year or the past several years. With her beautifully heartbreaking newest single, Gone.

So today Smith returns to the single. Debuting just a few short hours ago through Vevo, the authentically pleasing and beautifully stunning new accompanying video. To the just as beautifully heartbreaking record. That sees Smith in the dark of the night walking by her lonesome throughout the countryside of her hometown of Walsall. As she very passionately sings the very beautiful and heartbreaking lyrics about a love lost. The night and lovely dark background of the countryside Jorja is walking. Helping bring all those authentically sad emotions of the record so many can relate to even more so nowadays. Out even more with how authentically pleasing, yet beautifully stunning the new visual is. To help truly bring such an already beautifully heartbreaking record so many can already relate to. Even more to life with the just as beautiful and lovely authentically pure visuals.

Also proving once again that when it comes to some of the most authentic and pure artists in all of music right now. From their music to the actual visuals and aesthetics. That almost always put the ART in artists. There aren’t too many, if even any who put all their heart and pure emotion of everything into the art. The way that Jorja does. Which is why she’s among so many of ours favorite artists at not only the current moment, but for the past several years.

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