Rapper & Producer Q-Unique Releases New Single, Verrazzano Villains feat. Cappadonna, Taking Back Sunday & DJ Eclipse

Veteran New York based emcee and producer, Q-Unique. Has had quite a unique music career. Starting off as a key component of Hip-Hop group, The Arsonists. As the frontman and one of the main producers of the group that spearhead most of the key wave of independent Hip-Hop released in the early to mid-nineties. Q-Unique would go solo in 2004 with his mostly critically-acclaimed debut solo album, Vengeance Is Mine. Before a couple of years later starting street metal band, Stillwell with Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu from Korn and Wuv from P.O.D. 

Using his unique love of both Hip-Hop and Rock. Q-Unique has released his newest single, Verrazzano Villains. That features Wu-Tang Clan member, Cappadonna and three members of Taking Back Sunday. As well as scratches from DJ Eclipse.

Label founders and production duo Red Right share the following in a statement from a press release about how the unique collocation came about, “Q-Unique came to collaborate with Red Right Recordings through our mutual friend, Sam Hoyos (lead singer for Playing Dead). Ever since creating the label in 2017, we’ve been searching for an MC that aligned with our vision. Q has been a natural fit since the day we met him and we think ‘Verrazzano Villains’ is just the beginning of a collaboration that we think is going to produce some of Q-Unique’s best work yet. How the single came about was Cappadonna jumped on the track after linking up with us and taking a liking to it. Then we got bandmates Adam Lazzara and John Nolan for the hook; followed by us asking Q’s longtime friend and manager, DJ Eclipse (host of the weekly mix show “Rap is Outta Control” on Eminem’s SiriusXM channel, Shade 45), to do the scratches.”

The very lyrically dope track that has that classic New York boom-bap sound. For the Red Right-produced track. Also showing why Cappadonna is among the best lyricists and emcees of all-time. Who doesn’t always get his proper full just due. With lyrics like, “I’m in the streets on my grind you cuddled up with the wife and when I come out it’s like I’m taking over the night. Black timbs on doodoo ass snorkle loud pack. I pull my microphone out wherever the crowd at. Hungry hungry Don the bedego was shot right. Rhymes is to fat now homies they cop like cops twice stop me at the light. Stereotype, Can’t hold me back from the imperial light. I’m out here dirty hood dripping with jewels. I do what I wanna do. Keep switching the rules. STF. 4 wheel jeep. Army Fatigue. Hammer and nails on making your nose bleed.” From the track further proving it. Like Method Man and Redman said during their 4/20 special edition of VERZUZ the other day. Give Cappadonna and others their flowers here now. While they’re still alive and can smell them.