Redman Brings Straight Bars On New Single, 80 Barz

Def Squad and Gilla House rep, Redman, is easily one of the dopest emcees and lyricists of all-time. Yet the legendary emcee is somehow also still arguably the most underrated emcee ever as well.

His newest single, 80 Barz. Showing just why with the lyrical onslaught that Redman puts on. That has so many quotable’s as well. Such as, “I don’t lie fool. I shit like I ate an order of tofu. I give you a seventeen syllable haiku’s. No one’s seeing Doc. America should think like, Erykah Badu. Back and forth with the blunt. I get Aaliyah high. My block push the wait till it’s legalized. Interior my hood is like Syria. OG Kush got my eye like Whitaker. Def Squad, Wu-Tang we all kill it. This Creed can’t be built by Carl Weathers. Fourteen brothers, jackets all leather.” Just part of a taste from the great Funk Doc. Don’t forget that Redman will also be facing his longtime partner in rhyme, Method Man for the next VERZUZ. A special 4/20 edition this coming Tuesday, April 20th.