DJ Muggs & Flee Lord Drop New Video, Mansion In The Ghetto feat. CRIMEAPPLE

Just this past Friday, DJ Muggs and Flee Lord, dropped their mini collaboration album, Rammellzee. Also debuting the video for the album’s title track. For the mini-album that is inspired by the late hip hop graffiti artist from Queens of the same name.

While today three days after the release of, Rammellzee. Muggs and Flee Lord return with the debut earlier today of the third video already from the mini-album. In the CRIMEAPPLE featured, Mansion In The Ghetto. That like the title track was also shot in Florida. As it finds Flee and CRIMEAPPLE cruising the streets of Miami spitting their crazy verses. Then going up to a hotel with bottles of champagne on ice in the bathroom tub. As they chill with a few lady friends. Eventually ending up at a race track with Muggs and a bunch of homies. That are street racing and betting on the races.