H.E.R. & Tauren Wells Drop Beautifully Uplifting Hopeful New Single, Hold Us Together (Hope Mix)

Back around December of last year. Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, as well as multi-instrumentalist, H.E.R. dropped her very spiritually beautiful uplifting single, Hold Us Together. Also serving as the theme song for the Disney+ original film, Safety.

While today, H.E.R. Who is coming off the heels of winning two more GRAMMYs this past Sunday. That included, Record of the Year for her protest anthem, I Can’t Breath. Has released a new, hope mix, of, Hold Us Together. That features Tauren Wells and is such a beautifully uplifting record. Showing off what great chemistry the two very talented young artists have together. The angelically beautiful vocals between both H.E.R. and Wells. Really meshing so well together and especially on the bridge they sing together about midway through. To provide such a beautifully uplifting record. That we can all use more of right now.