Jorja Smith Is Addicted To Love On Enchantingly Addictive New Video/Single, Addicted

Jorja Smith is addicted and hooked to love on her very enchanting and magically addicting new single, Addicted. That’s the first taste of new music we have heard from the singer this year. Where Smith sings about a love she’s addicted to, but she’s surprisingly not getting the same love back. Something most of us fans/supporters are surprised to learn. As most of us have been addicted to the very beautifully talented singers music and pure natural beauty since becoming fans of her.

Smith also debuting through Vevo, just a few short hours ago along with the single. Its very beautifully addictive and enchanting accompanying Savanah Leaf-directed video. That’s a very aesthetically beautiful quarantine-style shot visual. Where Smith in her dazzling stunning pad shows in several different immaculate stunning looks, her naturally addictive glowing beauty and figure. As well as her angelic voice and charisma. With the visual that was also co-directed by Smith herself capturing her time alone. Making you the fan feel more personally connected to her than ever before.

The new visual also showing Smith sipping a martini, lounging in several different stunning outfits, dresses, lingerie and even different hair styles as well. Plus walking through a pasture, riding a horse and lighting up the sky with fireworks. As Smith shows off her very immaculate angelic voice and beauty in a way that hasn’t been captured or made you feel as close to her since she released the very sensually and fun video for her very catchy Burna Boy-assisted single, Be Honest. That she released nearly a year and a half ago. Which is also another song and video that shows why Smith not only makes some of the most addictively amazing and at times most catchy music. That you can’t stop coming back at and being addicted to, but why she’s also easily one of the most addictively beautifully gorgeous and sexiest women in the whole world. You can virtually never get enough of.