Big Sean Pays Tribute To Nipsey Hu$$le In New Video, Deep Reverence feat. Nipsey Hu$$le

Just when it looks like Big Sean is done promoting his most recent solo album, Detroit 2. The Detroit emcee let’s fans know he isn’t done just yet. As yesterday he debuted through Vevo, the new Sergio-directed video for the lead single from the album, Deep Reverence. Also one of the most standout tracks from not only the album, but of Sean’s career so far. It features the late great Nipsey Hu$$le, who was not only a fellow collaborator. But an actually friend of Sean’s as well.

The new visual. That was shot in Nipsey’s hometown of Los Angeles. Finding Sean paying tribute to his late great longtime friend. By connecting with fellow L.A. natives and friends of Nip, Snoop Dogg, Hit-Boy, Dom Kennedy and Jay 305. As Sean Don and Snoop cruise through L.A. in a blue convertible lowrider with Uncle Snoop behind the wheel. Hit-Boy, Dom and Jay 305 following behind in their stellar whips. A framed portrait of Nipsey is also displayed throughout L.A. A couple of murals including a massive painting on a basketball court outside of Crete Academy in Hyde Park. Also shown throughout the visual. That lets Sean keep it real to himself and the place Nip’s from.

You can watch the new video that’s a full on celebration of Nipsey and many of the things he did while alive below. That lets everyone know despite him no longer being her in physical form, Nip will live on in the streets he came up on and that also unfortunately took his life as well. Long beyond the time when he or any of us live for. Though he did receive a lot of love in his time alive. It’s unfortunate and you just wish some of that love and accolades that he has received even more since his untimely death a few years ago. That includes winning GRAMMYs and being nominated for another GRAMMY ironically enough for this track. Was reincorporated even more so when he was alive. So that he could’ve experienced even more of it in the physical form.