Sinéad Harnett Debuts Aesthetically Stunning New Video/Single, Last Love, Reveals Sophomore Album, Ready Is Always Too Late, Release Date

Very beautifully talented R&B/Soul singer and songwriter, Sinéad Harnett. Who is easily not only one of the best singer and songwriters in the ever growing current great group of R&B/Soul artists. That has truly emerged over the past several years, but also one of the best pure artists in all of music right now. Shows once again with her newest single, Last Love. Why she’s and why she is a personal favorite of ours here at TheHipHopDemocrat as well.

The very soulfully amazing new single that Harnett released today. A true bop that really let’s the talented singer really showcase her beautifully soothing and amazingly angelic vocals. With the drums, snaps and very upbeat backed production. Really giving you that loving feel of the record. That has Harnett so effortlessly and confidently singing the catchy chorus and lyrics about her, “Last Love.” That is also easily one of her best records to date too. Which is saying something with all the very amazing records she has in her already ever growing and amazing musical discography.

The very aesthetically stunning accompanying Ricky Alvarez-directed video that Harnett also debuted earlier today through Vevo. That has her showing off so many stunning looks ranging from a track suit to a stunning red outfit with the red lip to match. Just to name a few. Not to mention all the amazingly pleasing aesthetic angles and creative shots throughout the visual. Really helping bring the record to life even more.

While also showing just as this video, the song and her actual vocal range and talent show with, Last Love. There aren’t too many other, if even any other artists that put the pure artistry and ART in artist. The way that Sinéad does right now. Which is why her sophomore album is so anticipated by us and so many others too.

Ironically enough speaking of her sophomore album. Harnett also revealing both the title of her highly-anticipated sophomore album, Ready Is Always Too Late. As well as its release date of, May 21st via Sony Music.