The Late Phife Dawg Drops New Single, Nutshell Part 2 feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman, New Album Is On The Horizon

It has been nearly five years since the passing of the late great, Phife Dawg. But the memories of the Five Foot Assassin and one of the most influential. As well as eccentric emcees in the history of Hip-Hop remains to this day and his Estate. Look to carry it out even further.

As they look to put out the first posthumously released solo album from the New York-bred emcee and member of, A Tribe Called Quest. Appropriately titled, Forever. The highly-anticipated sophomore solo album he was working on before his untimely passing.

His family having the following to say in a statement about it. “Before his untimely passing in 2016, Phife commenced work on what would become his upcoming album. He carefully assembled a collection of songs earmarked by his signature verbal fireworks, hilarious adlibs, incisive social commentary, and unexpectedly introspective confessions. With the blessing of his family and his most trusted collaborator and business partner, Dion Liverpool (Executive Producer), under their imprint SmokinNeedles Records, the Estate unveils his pure vision and final word as a solo rapper.”

The campaign for the album kicking off today with not only this announcement. But the release of the first single, Nutshell Part 2. That features longtime collaborators and fellow legendary emcees, Busta Rhymes and Redman. This new version a sort of rebirth and triumph. As many will remember the original version that was produced by the late great J Dilla was released less than a month after Phife’s untimely March 2016 passing. It’s dope raps and definitely a worthy sequel that includes the same lyrical elasticity as the original. With both Busta and Redman adding the perfect complimentary touch on this new version.