Vic Mensa Brings Shelter On Beautifully Powerful New Video/Single, SHELTER feat. Wyclef Jean & Chance The Rapper

When it comes to bringing Hip-Hop with a purpose and message like such legends as Public Enemy, KRS-One, Ice Cube and Scarface. Did before him. Chicago emcee, Vic Mensa is one of the emcees at the forefront of bringing social awareness and activism to the masses for this generation of young emcees.

Mensa doing so with his just released beautifully powerful new video for his just as beautifully powerful new single, SHELTER. That features Wyclef Jean and Chance the Rapper. The beautifully powerful, yet haunting visual. Seeing Vic walking through one of the more disadvantaged neighborhoods of his hometown, while rapping about the lack of aid involving violence and racial injustice that plagues such communities. Even coming across various murals and families mourning lost love ones on his journey through the neighborhood that further proves it. Wyclef peaking out a window as he sings the uplifting hook with his guitar. Chance then sharing a story of a young girl lost beside a floral arrangement.

Vic also using this track to bring awareness to Julius Jones. A 19-years-old young man who was pursuing a basketball scholarship at the University of Oklahoma before being wrongly arrested and charged for first degree murder. Julius is currently set to be executed by the state of Oklahoma for a crime he did not commit. All donations from this fundraiser will go directly to his cause.