Demrick Drops Inspiringly Soulful New Single, Before I Wake feat. Jarren Benton

Westcoast emcee, Demrick, is a name that is among the more doper emcees that has been around for awhile. A protege of both Xzibit and B-Real, as well as in the Westcoast super group, Serial Killers with both emcees.

Demrick has a pretty solid resume as a solo artist too. Releasing four solo albums and several collaboration albums and mixtapes since 2015. He looks to build on that with his first solo album since 2019’s, No Wasting Time. The newly announced, PAYDAY. Set to release a couple of weeks from today on, Feb. 19th.

Revealing both the cover art and tracklist for the album. Demrick also just released the albums newest single, Before I Wake. A very soulfully inspiring record that with its soulfully inspiring hook. Finds Demrick rapping about what he prayers for every night before he wakes. Jarren Benton also featured on the track and delivering a very inspiring and solid guest verse. Of, “I wake up and thank the lord for another day of life. If you ain’t where I want to be. Then don’t bother with your advice.” Also, “We all maneuvered through hell, trying to make it. So we trap, play ball and sing songs. N***as pussy when you punch them. They do you like King Von. Rest In Peace to all the young black souls that’s all gone. When the flesh perishes. Know that your spirit will leave on.” Showing why Benton himself like Demrick is pretty underrated as far as both emcees getting their proper just due.