H.E.R. Releases Revolutionary & Powerfully Inspiring New Single, Fight For You

Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, as well as multi-instrumentalist, H.E.R. is easily among the most beautiful and amazing voices on the planet. Not to mention one of music’s current brightest young stars and easily among our favorite artists right now.

So you know anytime H.E.R. releases new music, we are ready to hear what she has to offer. Especially even more so when it as powerfully revolutionary and uplifting to fight for justice for yourself and everyone else in such trying times. As so many of us are facing today that is really reflected in the music and lyrics of such records as her new single, Fight For You. With such lyrics such as, “Mental institution causing so much confusion. Seems the only solution is a new еvolution. We can’t take it no more. No, it can’t be ignored. When they knock on your door, will you be ready for war?” Just one example of such, as it’s a reminder of the unfortunate reflective circumstances of what happened to Breonna Taylor.

Very reminiscent of such revolutionary and powerfully inspiring, as well as uplifting songs. Such as Marvin Gaye’s classic, What’s Going On and a lot of the revolutionary and powerfully inspiring classics of the 60’s and 70’s that really reflected the times through the music. Such is the case here with the powerfully inspiring new single from H.E.R. That’s also the first single from the soundtrack of the highly-anticipated new motion picture film, Judas And The Black Messiah. A movie based on the late great Fred Hampton, who is played by Daniel Kaluuya and co-stars LaKeith Stanfield. The film set to premiere on February 12th in both theaters and on HBO Max.

With H.E.R.’s very amazing new single, Fight For You. Also showing off not only her beautifully amazing voice, but her very beautifully inspiring guitar playing and producing. That truly shows why she’s one of the best artists and talents of this generation. If that wasn’t enough, the 23-year-old artist has already been nominated just yesterday for her first Golden Globe. As the song was nominated for Best Original Song too.