Page Kennedy, Elzhi & Method Man Bring Lyrical Pain On Soulful New Single, Pain

When it comes to some of the more doper emcees there is that doesn’t get their just due for whatever reason. Detroit emcee’s Page Kennedy and Elzhi definitely are two names that come to mind. Kennedy probably more so cause of being known more for his pretty solid acting career. While emcee and producer, Elzhi, it is just more so that he isn’t appreciated as much as he really should be.

With both Kennedy and Elzhi both being products of Detroit. It should be no surprise the two along with Method Man recently linked for Kennedy’s soulfully just released new Mic West-produced single, Pain. Off his upcoming new album, Page. That’s set to be released in another week and a half on, Feb. 19th.

The new track really letting Kennedy, Elzhi and Method Man bring the lyrical pain on the track. To show why they should be in more of those conversations. While Meth’s closing verse with such standout lyrics as, “If I hear you saying my name out of context. No contest, I ain’t playin’ those games. I’m too complex with concepts, but I stay in my lane. Bout my conquest to confess, I ain’t saying a thang. Cold as compress or calm West, we are nothing the same. You a lame that’s off set. Put a shot in your frame.” Showing why he still not only has one of the illest flows ever, but is still easily among the best emcees of all-time. With arguably the best verse on the track.

Kennedy and Elzhi also both show they aren’t no slacks and can hold their own against such a heavyweight as Method Man. With such standout lyrics as, “Badder than your breath after Funyuns. Badder than your bunions. At the runnin’, at Runyon Cannon. You are Nick Cannon stand-in. And I see darkness in your future as a closed eyelid.” While Elzhi brings such standout bars as, “What’s pain? Is it revenge that made you bust stainless steel. Addiction with needles rush veins. It’s ill, as your top five I’m destined to kill. If I body they ghostwriters that’s me possessing the skill. That can spare with a exorcism. Zombies of exoism. Laced like two left shoes. When fused it effects your rhythm.”