Sinéad Harnett Debuts Beautiful New Video For Her Beautifully Breathtaking Cover Of Aaliyah’s, At Your Best (You Are Love)

Very talented R&B/Soul singer and songwriter, Sinéad Harnett. Debuted today just a few short hours ago through Vevo. The beautiful new Ricky Alvarez-directed video for her absolutely beautifully breathtaking and amazing new cover/rendition of the late great Aaliyah’s, At Your Best (You Are Love). In honor of the late great singer’s birthday tomorrow.

Like the majority of Harnett’s other records. It is mostly acoustic based. Allowing for Harnett to really show off her beautifully soothing and amazingly angelic vocals. That are some of the best you will ever. The gracefulness that Harnett shows with every note and the vocal prowess so beautiful and breathtaking. That shows once again why she is one of the best voices and talents of this current great group of R&B/Soul artists that has truly emerged over the past several years. To show what great talent there truly is in the genre. Especially even more so from the women. You gotta love how Harnett shows her gracefully classy beauty with the crown she is wearing and also parts of her Thai culture she grew up on throughout the visual too. Really helping bring the breathtakingly beautiful gracefulness of her rendition/cover of the classic song truly to life.

The new record and visual. A truly fresh start we could all use for 2021 and the new year. Just as Harnett noted in a statement. Saying the following about the record, “This song evokes a love I can’t wait to find, a breath of fresh air I can’t wait to inhale.”