Agallah Is For The People, In New Video, We The People feat. M1 & Hakim Green, Drops New Album, Darona 2

Today is Thanksgiving and on a day of being thankful for things. We at The Hip Hop Democrat are thankful for legendary producers and emcees like, Agallah Don Bishop. Who continue to provide quality Hip-Hop for the fans to enjoy and keep moving the culture forward. Which he has done with his newest album, Darona 2. That he released today.

Agallah celebrating the release of the album. By debuting today, the new Nyce Flix-directed video for easily one of the best tracks on the album, the M1 of Dead Prez and Hakim Green featured, We The People. That sees Agallah, M1 and Green navigating the streets and Metrorail of Miami. As they perform their truthful and revolutionary raps about fighting for the people on the revolutionary single.