Shoe Gang Bring The Energy To Riot To, In New Video, Blvck Mirror

Shoe Gang or as most of you previously know, Horseshoe Gang. Compromised of Westcoast emcee, KXNG CROOKED’s actual blood brothers/siblings, Kenny, Demetrius, Julius and Dice. Is back with unbounded energy on their newest single, the Dizz-produced, Blvck Mirror. Off their just released new EP, Music to Riot To.

To coincide with the release of the new EP today. Shoe Gang bring the energy with their new video for the track. That sees the COB reps band together as they perform the very high energy record. Where they rap about how the conditions that Black America has faced. Mirrored from George Floyd to Fred Hampton and Rodney King, has made them riot over the years. With clips of the riots from this year to the L.A. Riots of the 90’s and Tulsa, Oklahoma race war riots in response to the Black Wall Street massacre. Also incorporated into the very high-energy new visual.