Agallah Fights For The People, On Thumping & Powerful New Single, We The People feat. M1 of Dead Prez & Hakim Green

Agallah fights for the people on his powerful new single, We The People. That features M1 of Dead Prez and Hakim Green.

The revolutionary new single finding all three emcees over the very menacing pianos and thumping drums self-produced backdrop of Agallah. Giving off truthful and revolutionary raps about fighting for the people. Such as, “Is it just perspective when the colleges is elective? A compromise from slavery to keep ownership protected. My people disrespected, through the trials and tribulations. Staying medicated through the vials of medication. We could trace it back to Nixon and even down to Clinton. Got my brother in Jersey and my sister locked in Clinton. Prison industrial, now CBS is slangin’ grams. With my brothers from the 80’s still sittin’ in the can.” Just a taste of it with Green’s very real and powerful guest verses to close out the track.